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Rosario reflects that it’s a good thing that J-L didn’t die and also that he didn’t press charges again Ale. seems to think this was the right thing to do because J-L is guilty, too: J-L lied, hid at the hacienda, worked as the capataz, and befriended Ale only for the purpose of stealing away Montse. Rosario says that the important thing is that Ale realized all the errors he committed and wants to make things right. Clearly exasperated, Refugio tells J-L to pone tus pies sobre la tierra basically, get his feet back on solid ground.

Padre comments that he supposes that Ale asked forgiveness of Montse, too. ” Back in Casa J-L and Angélica, the conversation has shifted from Refugio’s woman problems to J-L’s. J-L promised to be with Angélica for the time that she has left.

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J-L gets offended and claims he can’t believe Refugio would think he (J-L) would ever do something like that.

Beach House Almonte, Agua Azul: Marcario, Dominga, and Padre Anselmo are admiring Rosario’s new, mother-of-the-hacienda-owner look. throws in an un-priestly wolf whistle to show he’s impressed with how well Rosie has cleaned up.

Padre says Rosario can’t know how happy he is that Rosario finally decided to tell Alejandro the truth about being his mother.

This seems to give María an new evil idea as she reflects that if this happened, he would then see who really loves him and come back to her.

Esme has a Wow, this chick has really lost it look.

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