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The alloy is added to pure silver to make the metal more durable, tougher and harder.Sterling silver is designated a fineness of “925.” Pieces with sterling silver may be marked “sterling.” Finishes on Sterling Silver Finishing, or plating, is a common treatment with sterling silver.Iran Rooyan-US based 501(c) organization which promotes equal and full participation of women in all aspects of society in Iran, The Iranian-American Women's Foundation (Irvine)-holds success-oriented workshops.Iranian American Women's Society (IAWS)-Established in 1991, IWSF is based in Palos Vedes, California.Iranian Federated Women's Club-A Bay Area educational and service organization involved in charitable endeavors.

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The Center for Advancement of Women-A nonprofit NGO in Karaj.

Popular types of plating are rhodium plating, gold plating and anti-tarnish plating.

Plating is used to extend the life and sheen of the jewelry.

Your carefully considered personal couture occasionally needs a simple pop of stackable sparkling color to make it perfect.

A chic ring with a ribbon of radiant hues like this one is more than capable of handling the task.

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