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Zodra je de computer of televisie uitzet, blijft de stekker toch energie vragen.

Door het geheel uit te zetten bespaar je energie en dus jaarlijkse kosten. van Bergen - Punten: 6.44 - Geef zelf punten: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1Doe je je afwas in een teiltje?

The artists come from all over (though many are based in the Midwest), and anyone can enter.

Works are chosen and hung throughout the city using a unique venue matching system whereby local businesses, galleries, and organizations select the artworks they want to host.

There was no "show" or overriding theme of each venue or gallery, no sameness of technique or content.

Because the Artprize pieces were so varied and were not curated by the venues with any kind of consistent approach to aesthetic or art historical significance, there was a strong sense that it was ok to express preferences and make relative distinctions among the work. Each was a social object that brought together specific subsets of people, drawn to it for specific reasons that they often shared.

I have an Australian friend who once said, "the problem with Americans is you all think you have the right to your own opinion." Artprize glorifies this right, and in the case of aesthetic preference, liberates it from the self-doubt that often makes us walk through art galleries with our mouths shut.

Artprize focuses peoples' attention not on the authoritative view of art but on their own perspectives.

Want to see it in soup kitchens and record stores and bars? Want to be surrounded by thousands of people who are doing the same? Artprize, now in its second year, is a city-wide art festival with a 0,000 top prize to be awarded to the work that receives the most public votes.Unlike many other social events in art venues that feature similar crowds and diversity, Artprize stood out in a simple way: people were entirely focused on and engrossed by the work. The common knowledge about the voting and the prize, as well as the constantly reinforced point that you COULD vote artworks up and down, may have been more important than the voting itself. I was too enamored of the social experience to care about expressing preferences in a technological, non-conversational way.There was never the sense that the art was a backdrop for a party. My idea about what makes the social experience of Artprize tick is based on Jyri Engestrom's theory of how objects are used in a social network.This experience was greatly reinforced by the presence of artists, who naturally were there to talk about THEIR work, not the art hanging alongside it. It's not "my day at the museum," but my day to find the things that are most special to me.Volunteers, venue staff, and security guards also cheerfully offered up their own preferences and interpretations. Highly subjective tours, single object presentations, and more presentation of work by artists (or scientists, or historians) in the galleries can help facilitate this kind of social experience.

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