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French School Holidays dates: 1- Apply to Metropolitan France ( Corsica and overseas departments and territories are different.) 2- Summer, Autumn and Christmas holidays dates are the same.

Teachers return on 1 September, pupils usually on 2 September, but that might vary depending on how the weekend falls.Corsica and overseas departments and territories define differently their school calendars.Whereas it is the Ministry of National Education which decides when will be holidays in metropolitan France, Corsica, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Réunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon and Wallis and Futuna holidays can be adapted by decree by the local Director of Education for a span of three years.All Saints holidays start on the last weekend of October before 1 November and last two weeks since 2012 (before it lasted a week and a half).Christmas holidays last two weeks encompassing Christmas and New Year.

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