Sex video with no subcription

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Cam Voice allows you to see, hear and chat with friends all over the world through your web browser.The latest subscription-commerce startup is dedicated to the booming sex-toy industry.The best part of a subscription, though, is that there's no such thing as a beauty rut when you hand over the reigns to the experts.Rather than buying the same nail polish every time you run out, why not count on a delivery of a pretty shade that you might otherwise never have tried? The size of a woman's wardrobe is positively correlated to her happiness.8. Love yourself first, and the most - you deserve it.9. Sometimes your friend needs to hear the truth - no matter how harsh it is, because you might be the only one with the guts to tell her.5. Let's face it, our girlfriends are definitely our soulmates.7.Starting in November, a bigger paid-media push will tout themed-boxes and subscription packages as gifts in time for the holidays.

The work is a departure for the agency, too, which has mostly worked with buttoned-up brands like Walmart, Cisco and recently, the Mitt Romney campaign. Tomlin says he's been following subscription-commerce businesses closely and sees opportunity in the model. Established players like Shoe Dazzle and Birchbox are growing -- the beauty-oriented Birchbox recently bought Paris-based Joliebox to grow its global footprint -- while offers exist in just about every vertical.But Claire Roberds, chief merchandiser at Blush Box, insists it will serve up classier, higher-end products due to the retailer's relationships with luxury and specialty brands, such as Lelo, which carries silk blindfolds, whips and fancy dildos and plugs. The first Blush Box will be unveiled in early October and will contain a mix of lingerie, vibrators and personal massagers, and intimate wipes.The boxes are geared to women, and everything arrives in a discreet, unmarked packaging."Anything that helps women feel sexy and sultry," said Ms. Some vendors are providing samples for free to include in the first couple of boxes, but going forward Blush Box expects brands will pay to be included.A selection of specially curated themed boxes will be available, too, such as the "Blushing Bride" for wedding night, honeymoon or bachelorette parties, and a Valentine's Day box that will be available early next year. It goes out once a quarter, and costs for pay-as-you-go or a yearly subscription costs 0.

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