Speed dating banbury oxfordshire

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Approaching from Bedford, take the right turn to what was RAF Chicksands.Turn in and follow the road down, and just before you get to the circle car park there's a turning to the left which will take you into a car park hidden from the centre.“There are seven couples we know of who have found love and many more who have made great friends.” Anthony Holroyd, 31, from Banbury, has been a Mates ’n Dates member for three years.He said: “Mates ’n Dates has helped me to meet so many people and have such a lot of fun.But 23 years on, Pam, 54 and her husband Dave, 58, now have a happily-married daughter and a new son-in-law.Mrs Aitchison, a legal cashier from Banbury said: “I’m sure if someone had said when Jo was born that she would one day be a keen footballer, that she would love nightclubbing and would be getting married and planning a life with the man she loves, I would have found that difficult to believe.Go towards Bedford on the A6 and you will find the lay-by.

“The service is going from strength to strength enabling young people with special needs to have fun and maybe find love – and that’s what it’s all about.” CASE STUDY When Pam Aitchison was told her baby daughter Jo had a rare genetic condition which would leave her with severe learning disabilities, she knew it would always be harder for her to lead a ‘normal’ life.

Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre There is a Car Park to the right near the woods.

It is just off station road, next to the rail station between Blackwell and Nailsea.

“But times have changed and thankfully here in Oxfordshire there are lots of organisations and clubs, like Mates ’n Dates which make life more normal – and really how it should be – for young people like Jo.” Mates ’n Dates regulars Jo and David Shooter met at the inclusive disability section of Banbury United FC.

They tied the knot on Saturday at Whately Hall Hotel in Banbury.

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