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"Anyone from a foreign intelligence agent to a jealous spouse can pretty easily sign up with a large internet advertising company and on a fairly modest budget use these ecosystems to track another individual's behavior," said lead author Paul Vines, a recent doctoral graduate in the UW's Paul G. The research team set out to test whether an adversary could exploit the existing online advertising infrastructure for personal surveillance and, if so, raise industry awareness about the threat.

"Because it was so easy to do what we did, we believe this is an issue that the online advertising industry needs to be thinking about," said co-author Franzi Roesner, co-director of the UW Security and Privacy Research Lab and an assistant professor in the Allen School.

In the team's experiments, they were able to pinpoint a person's location within about 8 meters.

"To be very honest, I was shocked at how effective this was," said co-author Tadayoshi Kohno, an Allen School professor who has studied security vulnerabilities in products ranging from automobiles to medical devices.

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"We are sharing our discoveries so that advertising networks can try to detect and mitigate these types of attacks, and so that there can be a broad public discussion about how we as a society might try to prevent them." The researchers discovered that an individual ad purchaser can, under certain circumstances, see when a person visits a predetermined sensitive location—a suspected rendezvous spot for an affair, the office of a company that a venture capitalist might be interested in or a hospital where someone might be receiving treatment—within 10 minutes of that person's arrival.

They were also able to track a person's movements across the city during a morning commute by serving location-based ads to the target's phone.

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They also could develop and deploy machine learning tools to distinguish between normal advertising patterns and suspicious advertising behavior that looks more like personal surveillance.

A person's MAID also could be obtained by eavesdropping on an unsecured wireless network the person is using or by gaining temporary access to his or her Wi Fi router.

The UW team demonstrated that customers of advertising services can purchase a number of hyperlocal ads through that service, which will only be served to that particular phone when its owner opens an app in a particular spot.

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